Freeze-dried strawberries (slices/pieces)

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najlepsze truskawki liofilizowane Smak: TRUSKAWKA liofilizowana

Freeze-dried Strawberry – After trying our freeze-dried strawberry chips, you'll never reach for other similar products again! Low-calorie, tasty, and wonderfully crunchy freeze-dried strawberry snacks appeal to every health food enthusiast, and not only them. Freeze-dried strawberries are also popular among people who have never tried such snacks before. Besides the exceptional taste, what else do you gain by choosing freeze-dried strawberries? You provide your body with vitamins C, E, B, improve immunity, and support the regeneration of its cells. So, let's crunch and take care of our health and beauty with OTO Freeze-Dried Strawberry Slices!

The recommended way to serve

chrupiące liofilizowane truskawki

OTO Rainbow freeze-dried fruite is a great healthy snack, packed lunch, and a crunchy addition, as it can be used wherever fresh fruit is available: as an addition to cheese, yogurt, your favorite muesli, tasty oatmeal, desserts, and cakes. You can take freeze-dried fruit from OtoLandia with you to work, to school, on a trip or for a walk with children for a second breakfast or a snack. They are packed in an ecological, tightly closed, reusable zippered package. The freeze-dried strawberries offered are at an affordable price, so don't hesitate - try this delicious delicacy, and we guarantee that you will come back to us for more packages, and the freeze-dried strawberry will become your favorite snack.


Simple, transparent composition

Ingredients: 100% freeze-dried strawberries (in pieces – slices)

Net Weight: 20g


Product for general nutritional use.



Freeze-dried strawberries are produced through the process of freeze-drying, where freezing is used to remove moisture without losing vitamins and minerals. This method preserves the fruit by removing only water, maintaining the majority of its nutritional value. This freeze-dried strawberry is more intense in flavor and aroma compared to the fresh one, but its shape and appearance remain the same. It becomes crispy, offers unique taste qualities, and brings a lot of joy, especially to children. Our OTO Freeze-dried Strawberry is not a seasonal fruit – it's available throughout the year.

Why should you eat freeze-dried strawberries?

Freeze-dried strawberries are made 100% from natural fruits – fresh strawberries without the addition of sugar, salt, dyes, or preservatives. Strawberries are one of the richest sources of vitamin C (they have more than, for example, lemons), but they also contain vitamin A, E, and B vitamins. Additionally, by eating strawberries, we replenish deficiencies in macro- and micronutrients. You see? Freeze-dried strawberries are the same goodness in its pure form!

Fresh strawberries are low in calories; consuming them does not threaten weight gain, and it even supports weight loss. They are a healthy treat for a child, a nutritious snack for an adult, and a wonderful alternative on the go, during trips, a substitute for unhealthy snacks in the evening, or a fantastic option for a second breakfast. By consuming them, we supply our body with anthocyanins, catechins, or quercetin. We take care of the proper level of cholesterol, strengthen the heart, and help the circulatory system, preventing venous thrombosis. The same properties apply to freeze-dried strawberries – they are also recommended snacks by doctors and dietitians.


















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Freeze-dried strawberries – how to serve them?

One of OtoLandia's favorite offerings, eagerly embraced by both little ones and adults, is freeze-dried strawberries. And it's no wonder, as these are fruits for which the season is very short. For a significant part of the year, we long for their sweet taste and captivating aroma. Thanks to freeze-dried strawberries, we no longer have to impatiently wait for the flavors of summer – we can savor them throughout the entire year!

Freeze-dried strawberries are an excellent standalone snack for an afternoon treat or a second breakfast. Parents also eagerly add them to our cereal porridges, as well as oatmeals, puddings, or cookies. There are truly countless ways to serve freeze-dried strawberries from OtoLandia! Additionally, incorporating other freeze-dried fruits into your daily diet brings even more benefits, as these fruits, preserved through the special freeze-drying process, retain all their flavor and nutritional value.

Why is it worth having freeze-dried strawberries on hand?

A handful of freeze-dried strawberries is an excellent way to satisfy the craving for something sweet but in a healthy way. Children love the distinctive taste, and parents have the assurance that they are giving them something that won't harm them! Thanks to freeze-dried strawberries, you can supplement the diet of both children and adults with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed throughout the year.

This is a clever way for parents who want to sneak something healthy and valuable, yet approved by the little ones, into their daily meals—whether served warm or cold. Adding freeze-dried strawberries to jelly, porridge, or pudding will slightly tint these products pink, infuse them with a strawberry aroma, and make them even more enjoyable! With a snack like freeze-dried strawberries on hand, you can easily provide your child with a sweet dessert or second breakfast without the need for complicated recipes for cakes or other desserts. Just try it once, and children will undoubtedly reach for these treats whenever they crave something tasty to satisfy their small hunger!


















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