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pełnoziarniste chrupki o dobrym składzie dla dzieci i niemowląt to konieczna wyprawka oraz suchy prowiant w podróży 


100% naturalnych składnikówsuchy prowiant bez cukru przekąska dla niemowlaka i do tego pełnoziarnista którą warto zabrać na spacerbez sztucznych dodatków pełnoziarniste pożywienie dla dziecka

In the enchanted land of Otolandia, incredible delights have appeared. They came to us straight from the magical valley of fuzzies, where our fairy-tale friends have their farms. Our dear chefs created exquisite and healthy snacks for children – sticks for our little gourmets. These are exceptionally tasty, corn-based sticks that can serve as a snack for infants.

MIX Crips (spelt, buckwheat, cocoa) – a curious little monkey composed a blend of three flavors. She grabbed whole grain spelt treasures from the rabbit, and the bear gave her cocoa delicacies. She also threw in her buckwheat specialties. She enriches her diet with them, providing magnesium and antioxidants that protect her heart during joyful monkeying around.

What are OTO Sticks? Crunchy, fluffy, and delicate – they simply melt in the mouth! Moreover, they won't stick to the mouth or make a mess; instead, they fit perfectly into a small hand! These are the ideal sticks that are healthy and suitable for both infants and older children. If you're looking for a proposal that would be suitable as a product for diet expansion – our gluten-free sticks for infants will be an excellent option. They constitute a complete product that will provide your little one with all the valuable nutrients.


What distinguishes healthy snacks for children? They are:

  • Without added sugar,
  • Without artificial colors,
  • GMO-free,
  • 100% made from natural ingredients,
  • Delicious, gentle and crunchy,
  • Tailored to the little hands of a child,
  • Rich in grains,
  • Simply high-quality baby snacks

OTO Crips for the whole family! 

Today, the crispy, organic world is within the reach of every toddler. Our healthy crisps fit in their small hands and naturally satisfy little tummies. See for yourself that even in the bowl of a picky eater, our corn crisps, or healthy snacks, leave only crumbs.

In OTO healthy crisps, taste is, of course, important, but for us, their composition is the most crucial. We made sure it is short and clean. You won't find palm oil, sugar, or artificial additives here. In our little packs, we only seal what is natural, healthy, and suitable for both children and adults. After all, our crisps serve as a natural snack for everyone!

The whole grains that reign in the crispy bites are characterized by high nutritional value, as they contain protein, fats, and fiber. They also contain iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, and B vitamins. Spelt is one of the grains that has not undergone genetic modifications. On the other hand, silicic acid – one of the components of spelt grain – has a beneficial effect on the skin, hair, and nails, as well as on brain function. It has a naturally sweet and nutty taste.


Simple, transparent composition


Spelt: organic whole spelt flour (84.70%), Rice (15.0%), sweetener: steviol glycosides (natural extract from stevia) (0.3%).

Buckwheat: buckwheat flour (60%), corn grits (39.70%), sweetener: steviol glycosides (natural extract from stevia) (0.3%).

Cocoa: corn grits (91.60%), cocoa powder (8.0%), sweetener: steviol glycosides (natural extract from stevia) (0.4%).

zdrowe chrupki dla niemowlątwartości odżywcze w najlepszych chrupkach dla dzieci i polecane dla niemowlęciachrupki dla dzieci z dobrym składem to obowiązkowa wyprawka dla niemowlaka


Net weight: 25g

Food Product for General Use.

Contains sweeteners (natural extract from stevia).



Choosing Healthy Snacks for Infants and Children?

Healthy snacks for the youngest, especially for infants, should be tailored to their age, including the stage of introducing new ingredients into their diet, as well as their ability to chew. Gentle and easily swallowable products are ideal for infants, as they do not require significant mechanical processing. Our snacks—OTO Crisps without salt and sugar—are nothing but crunchy, delicate, healthy crisps that dissolve in the mouth, made from natural ingredients. Such snacks for children are much better than popular corn crisps due to their composition and the richness of valuable grains like whole spelt or buckwheat.

All children love diverse snacks. They would prefer those with a high amount of sugar or salt, but every parent concerned about a child's healthy development knows that these ingredients should be avoided as much as possible. We know this too, and we apply it as a fundamental principle. In no Otolandia products will you find sugar or salt. Their composition is 100% natural ingredients, free from artificial additives, preservatives, and colorings. The advantage of corn crisps for children is that they can be taken on a walk, a trip, or a car journey. They don't take up much space and are not affected by changes in temperature.

Snacks for the youngest should not only make it easier to wait for the next meal but also taste good and have the right composition. It's important not to overdo it with snacks for children—thus, it's better to offer healthy ones that provide rich nutritional ingredients. In addition to crisps, we also recommend freeze-dried fruits as a supplement to a healthy diet, providing valuable minerals and necessary vitamins.

Many parents wonder when to introduce crisps to their child. The timing should be adjusted to the child's abilities and the stage of diet expansion. Crisps are gentle and easy to nibble. For infants, always choose healthy crisps without added salt or sugar, with the richest grain composition possible!

We recommend our OTO Cocoa Crisps, Whole Spelt Crisps, and our OTO Crisps MIX, where you will find: buckwheat crisps, cocoa crisps, spelt crisps, rice crisps, and corn crisps. Although our crisps are intended for children, they will certainly be enjoyed by adults as well.









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Tiny Hunger and Big Appetite – Snacks for an Infant

For every little one, a rumbling tummy is a reason to cry, and for their parents, it's a prompt to find a quick way to satisfy that tiny hunger. Fortunately, you don't have to look far – healthy snacks for children from Otolandia are a universal treat that fills the tummy and brings a smile to the little one's face!

When your little one demands a snack between proper meals or hunger strikes during a car journey, always have sugar-free children's crisps from Otolandia at hand. It's the best, because it's effective, and at the same time, a healthy way to satisfy the appetite and ease parents' consciences. You can freely give healthy crisps to children or nibble on them, even when you're on a diet – because you know you're providing your body with only what's best for it!

Healthy Crisps for Children – Why You Should Have Them?

Our sugar-free crisps for children are a product with an excellent, mouth-melting taste that we achieved without adding any enhancers. It's just real grains and natural sweeteners, along with cocoa! With a simple, 100% natural composition, you can be sure that you're not giving your child (or yourself) anything harmful or unnecessary for the body.

Whole grains, zero sugar, gently sweet but not overly sweet taste, perfect crispiness – that's what characterizes our healthy crisps for children. Having them at home, you can easily satisfy a little one demanding something sweet, all while not feeling like you're feeding them improperly.

How to Serve Crisps for Children?

The best way to serve healthy crisps for children is simply to hand them an open package or pour the snacks into a bowl. Reaching for them, the little one will quickly satisfy their sweet tooth while soothing a small hunger. Additionally, they will increase the fiber content and the vitamins and minerals in the little one's body, naturally controlling metabolic functions. Parents also like to decorate various fancy desserts, such as puddings or ice cream, with sugar-free crisps for children – and crisps from Otolandia are perfect for that!

Natural Corn Crisps for an Infant

Like all products from Otolandia, healthy crisps for infants also have a tested, natural composition that sets them apart in the market. Even a small amount of such crisps can satisfy a child's hunger. In a portion of about 100 g, there are approximately 312 kcal. While our crunchy snacks are wholesome, they won't replace main meals. Every caring parent knows when to give crisps to an infant and when it's time for a varied little meal. The MIX crisp blend is a great suggestion for a healthy snack that complements a baby's balanced diet.

Why are sugar-free crisps the healthiest?

Our baby crisps owe their sweet taste to the addition of stevia extracts. Stevia is a low-calorie plant, so its content does not increase the nutritional value of the crisps. Sugar-free crisps do not cause discomfort in young children resulting from the consumption of harmful sweeteners, such as cavities, overweight, or hyperactivity. White sugar is also blamed for conditions such as mineral deficiencies and anemia. Moreover, children who consume simple sugars are more susceptible to various allergies and asthma, and infections are more common. That's why parents are increasingly excluding sugar from their toddlers' diets or significantly reducing it.

Let's also remember that parents shape the future dietary habits of their children. Even when offering healthy crisps for a baby, they contribute to the choices the child will make in the future. Accustomed to the gentle, unsweetened taste of our crisps, the child is likely to forgo intensely sweet snacks. Providing children with sugar-free crisps not only helps reduce the risk of many health problems but also shapes the taste preferences of the youngest ones.

Delicious corn crisps for babies and more - a snack that combines unique taste and health.

Why OTO Healthy Snacks for Children Are a Good Choice?

  • They are perfect for infants and older children - CripsMix is a snack that can be introduced into the diet of infants during the weaning period. Their delicate structure makes them easy to chew and dissolve in the mouth, providing a safe option for small children. Thanks to the variety of flavors, little ones can explore new culinary experiences;
  • They constitute a healthy alternative to classic snacks - these healthy crisps for children stand out among other snacks because they are free from added sugar, colorings, and GMOs. Their composition is based solely on natural ingredients, making them an excellent alternative to highly processed food. Parents can be confident that when serving these snacks to their children, they are providing them with valuable nutrients;
  • They are rich in healthy grains - corn crisps for babies and older children are a real treasure trove of healthy grains. Spelt, buckwheat, and cocoa are the main ingredients of this mixture. Spelt is one of the few grains that is not genetically modified, making it a natural and healthy source of nutrients. Additionally, these crisps provide protein, fats, fiber, iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, and B vitamins. Silicic acid, present in spelt grains, has a beneficial effect on the health of the skin, hair, nails, and brain functions;
  • They are intended for the whole family - CripsMix is not only a snack for babies but also for the whole family. They can be served in a bowl for picky eaters and enjoyed during family gatherings. Without palm oil, sugar, and artificial additives, these crisps are a healthy snack that can be served to everyone without worrying about the quality of the ingredients.










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